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Your right crime is down. Oakland is now rated as safer than 4% of the cities in America. That means only 96% of American cities are safer.

Bias is a loaded word with many differing interpretations. I like all of us have preferences and predispositions. I have tried, for the most part, to separate opinions from my observations and facts.

I have previously refrained from stating that the park had a barnyard odor mixed with Marijuana. Is that bias? No it's fact.

I stated that there were a variety of different people there ranging from well intentioned to hard core radicals, advocating force to achieve their goals, as well as revolution. Unfortunately there are too many of the later.

My statement regarding attitude demeanor and safety was just that, and I stand by it. Trying to ignore the point made by simply deflecting the statement with a question of why one would try discussing or debating the cause they are championing is disingenuous.

The Tea Party has suffered from bias reporting yet don't treat the media with the same attitude.

I went, I spoke with people, I looked, I evaluated. I have tried to represent what I found accurately in word and images.

If anyone would like to see a lot more images feel free to go to my website.