Nikon 300mm f/4 AF - LN

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A beautiful lens that is built like a tank. I don't think there's any plastic anywhere in it's construction.
It is in mint condition and has never seen harsh use or conditions.
The only blemish I could find anywhere is on the retractable hood (see pics). The glass is pristine with no imperfections to the coatings and no swirls from cleaning.

Purchased from KEH in February 2013 for $600 in "LN" condition.
Comes with rear cap and Nikon faux leather drawstring cap for the front element. (These did not come with a conventional cap)
I purchased a well-used Nikon hard case for it separately, but I've never once used it except for when Mrs Jazz and I moved (2 blocks) into our current house. It will however come in handy for protecting the lens during shipment.

The good Mr Rockwell's page on this lens:

$385 shipped in the Con-US, paypal friends and family please or add 3%.


Here's a couple of examples of what the lens is capable of. These were shot on a D610



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