Mini challenge 255 RESULTS

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Sorry I'm a couple days late! So many excellent images! Here are the results.
Side notes:
@grandmaR I like your monkey with the pink vagina shot, but the turtle also came out very well too.

@slpollett Kudos on getting so many deer lined up for your deer image!

@lkbart , your wild turkey tapping on your dirty window is priceless! Did you invite him in to dinner? Lol!

@bfluegie , I like your 2nd crane picture the best of all your images.

@DavidRGillespie , your loons are beautiful. I like the low angle the camera seems to have had. Kudos!

Honorable mentions (in random order):

@sarasphotos ,you caught great lighting on your swan, but there are some technical issues that keep me from placing the image as an HM. However, your frog is spot on!

@sapphire73 I liked your little Pika picture, but this black and white elephant screams quality at me.Kudos!

@pegelli , outstanding shot of the Puffins!

@Jørgen_Bjerring I absolutely love all your images, but the Osprey with the fish is over the top! Kudos on a great capture!

@CHANDLERJA great gator shots! The 3rd one is my favorite!

3rd place:
@Cavalier great set of images, but your racoons steal the best of your set! Kudos!

2nd place:
@jwear this is an absolutely beautiful image! Stunning!

1st place:
@puzzledpaul all your images are stunning! It was hard to choose which one stood out to me more than the others. So, I chose this one because of the story it tells. The confident male goose is strutting his stuff for the ladies. Lol! The lighting on this image and your first image is awesome. Congratulations on your win! Your turn to set up the next challenge.


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