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    You have a good start but a couple of things jumped out at me.

    First, you have entries in your menu that may not be needed. I'm not sure why you have both an entry for "Galleries" plus a "Browse" entry. I would remove one of these entries.

    You don't need a Home menu entry since clicking your logo takes the viewer to the home page.
    I assume that the login menu item is only for you. If that's the case why not remove it? You can always login at

    You have a search entry in your menu but I was unable to find any words (other than the single keyword your have on your site) that successfully returned photos in your search. If your photos and galleries aren't tagged with keywords and don't include any text that returns results in a search I would recommend removing "search" from your menu.

    I understand your decision to use a watermark but I believe the watermark in the center of your gallery headers and your homepage header detract from your site.

    For anyone else who wants to look at the site, here's a clickable link -

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    I have moved this discussion to the Business sub forum.

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    @DPT_Studio said:
    I would appreciate if I can get some feedback on my new site.

    I think the changes you made improve your site. I would still recommend changing the images you are using for your gallery headers to remove the watermark or to place it in a space where it won't be seen.

    The entries in the new "Links" menu item takes your visitors away from your site. Is that what you want?

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    @DPT_Studio said:

    When you respond to comments in your thread it would be better to reply within the thread than to "post on wall". That would keep all of the comments about the topic in one place so they would be easily available for your review at a later time. In the event that you ask a question where the answer and the conversation would help other people as well, responding within the thread would help them too.

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    @DPT_Studio said:

    I guess I missed this when I commented on your change - why do you still have both a "Galleries" and a "Browse" entry in your menu? Don't they essentially present the same thing to your viewers?

    Even without a Browse entry in your menu your viewers can always access that system page by using the URL

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