Trying to match my Wordpress blog to my SmugMug site

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I have just joined SmugMug and I am in the process of transferring my landscape photography website from another provider. Previously I had a blog incorporated but with Smug Mug that can't be the case so hence why I have put the Blog on Wordpress.
Please don't suggest doing it the other way round as I want SmugMug as the front end.
Access to the blog is through a menu link but I am keen to make sure that the visual change from SmugMug and back from Wordpress is seamless.
I have managed as far as I can go but I am mainly concerned in making the header on the Blog match the SmugMug header and menu bar both in font type, size, colour and height of header are similar. Also with the footer if that is possible.
Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Temporary Smug Mug domain - - it won't let me post a full link but I am sure everyone can work the rest out. Also please note that I am still finalising all the content etc.



  • Hikin' MikeHikin' Mike Walkin' like a Penguin! Atwater, CaPosts: 4,478Registered Users Major grins

    My website is WordPress and I created a subdomain for my SmugMug gallery. One I finished designing my WordPress theme, I matched my SM site. Knowing HTML/CSS is a plus.

    If you need help, create a new thread and describe what you're trying to do.

  • britlandscapesbritlandscapes Big grins United KingdomPosts: 8Registered Users Big grins
    Hello Mike and thanks for your reply. I have already come across your website and in fact I have used part of one of your customisations to create a border round my photos - many thanks
    Like I said in my opening comments I am going to use SmugMug as my front end and want to customise the Wordpress Blog to match SmugMug - that is the opposite to what you have done. Thanks
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