Canon R6 video vs DJI Osmo Action 3 camera

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Only interested in video fr showing what the Uk has to offer, its not for work but for action like hiking where the camera is moving, getting wet, swimming in rivers, waterfalls so on the Canon R6 for this is hopeless. Even hiking along a flat track trying to hold the canon to where the video doesn't look like you in an earthquake is impossible. For video its seems to be design for tripod onl video. Yes the quality is great but it's far from idea for me who spends 8 hours hiking so 0 for the canon. I leave it for stills only.

The Action 3, its small, lightweight and has the coolest image stabilization going, full head first off a cliff and the police will get a great view of your death with the horizon dead flat lol. The camera is perfect for my lifestyle where i'm showing the world the places i visit without the camera shaking to death. its fully waterproof without a case, I take it swimming and no weather bothers it, for £380 you can't go wrong, the colours are far better than canons too. Draw backs, its an action camera so handles low light not that well but as for a documentary tool its perfect for me. Also take it running and its often shoved down my Tshirt so not even holding it and it looks spot on, Its such a fun camera to use.

One cool advantage with the DJI, my motorhome roof needs inspecting, say a tree branch has hit the roof, instead of going up the ladder and on the roof I can use the DJI on its long stick, use the bluetooth on the phone, use the phone as the camera to check the roof and the solar panels need checking to see if they need a clean.

Both cameras have their advantages and disadvantages

I wonder when Canon adops this horizon balancing as they are missing a big selling point as the IBIS doesn't work when moving about with

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