Rambo in yellow wellies (no image for Rambo) in a car park full of people!

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I've been doing photography since 1977, thats 45 years 9 months and 23 days lol on 24/10/23 I sadly lost yellow wellies's photo years ago.

I've seen some funny things in my time from photographers, fighting over birds, one man punching a woman in the face but nothing comes close to seeing a guy dressed head to knees in full fambo mode, plus his camera and massive lens, Sounds normal for birders right? not this one. in 2019 at Brancaster staithe harbour along the North Norfolk coastline in the UK. I'm parked in my motorhome in the car park, the marshes are just feet away.

Cars park on the stone right next to the north. there were about 30 cars and vans, loads of people walking about and then Rambo walks past, stealth mode!! walking around this car park in bright yellow wellies!!! I sat there in the van screaming with laughter but what made it more funny was he wasn't going anywhere, he stopped looking for birds, mono poll in use standing trying to photograph birds with people walking feet from him, cars driving past. I sent a photo to my mate in Australia where she said that's the funnest thing shes seen for ages. she then sent it and it went viral.

The combo of bright yellow wellies with full camo Rambo mode plus the lens and camera in a car park full of people moving about made it one of the funniest things I have seen. Its like the birds can't see hundreds of people walking past this guy, cars driving past lmao.

Did a video on youtube about it a while ago and my mates now keep saying they just think of yellow wellies every time they see a birder lol.

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If you meet this guy say hi yellow wellies 🤣

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