Making money from photography is still possible

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Phones, oh glorious phones, the wee small device that does every for that modern lazy fool and they have made making cash from photography really hard but phones have one issue with photos, they are crap!

making cash from photography with real cameras is possible still, you just gotta do what others are can't niche shit, I'm not going to come on here and tell you how, that's up to you to learn yourself the hard ways. Anyway a trip down the road or a 50 mile trip £550 6 hours for a shoot, or 300 for 3 hours and if i do the printing 15e or a4 and 25e for a3+. that covers most of the stuff i do on the website.

a 6 hour agri shoot unlimited images £550

Then documentary work, something like collection needed for research £350 just for photos ordered, specialist.

Canterbury cathedral Thomas Beck window restoration detailed work, package deal, they window, 30 minutes work £350

East stained glass window 11.

I local area shoot covering villages which takes many months 6-12 plus info £25k

custom shoots where i make the flyers prices range.

Extreme conditions shoots, EG weather, flooding storms £1500 per day

photo restoration 15-400 quid

i do something no other photographer does, i don't act like a photographer and never will and the customers love my crazy ways. boring is something i don't do. they get a standup show, free flowing happy go lucky which breaks the ice which allows everyone to be free. photographers are so boring too business like and what do people tell me, they would never work with them again because its about the money only. I have an interest in what i'm doing in the first place.

And with me I can change my style to suit.

Thats without craft fairs and other sales with Ely Cathedral being popular all over the world Just over 5k without me doing anything other than going there for a day out.

You see i don't fit in to most things which allows me to see differently to the crowd, I don't shoot to fit in to please. which is my niche in th emarket.

UK Van life the dirty truth Youtube channel (only for the brave, as i do not hold back on the truth):

Brought up as hard as nails in the old ways of life, I live in the real world, not photoshop, what you see is what you get.

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