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And that bug is smugmug and their utter crap design and running of a website that's solely for client based photographers only, If you a person like me who relies on search instead of clients then you are in for one great big shock.

Smugmug is also a poorly designed site with a dumb lightbox thought up by someone who must have been drunk or are crap web developers. then they have the cheek to take a cut of sales and use print companies that offer their worst ranges of stock at rip off prices.

You are paying for online storage only and a URL link in search, your images will never be seen in search apart from a few on the homepage and a gallery header image.

Lucky for you smugmug that 99.99% of these in this forum haven't done any deep research and testing that I have otherwise you may well find yourself without anyone. Sadly you are the best of the worst sites out there otherwise i would have gone ages ago.

As this is 100% truthful i gather you will delete it?

UK Van life the dirty truth Youtube channel (only for the brave, as i do not hold back on the truth):

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    I've closed your thread. When you say "100% truthful" yet provide only personal attacks? Sorry, not useful.

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