FS: LowePro Slingshot 100 AW

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I'm selling my Lowepro Slingshot 100 AW camera bag. I'm not selling it because I hate; I'm selling it because I moved up to a Lowepro Slingshot 200 AW. So obviously I love the design of this bag.

This bag is in like-new condition; I promise you couldn't tell this bag from a new one. I take care of my stuff. All inserts included. It'll go to ebay in a week or so, but I might offer ya'll a great deal first. See the pics: Yes, I ripped them from various spots on the interwebby, but I had to send my own camera into for repairs after a New Year's Eve mishap (never take your dslr to a party where you know there will be a bunch of drunks who don't give a shit about your stuff). But the photos are representative of the bag I have for sale.





Edit for price drop: I'll take $53 SHIPPED USPS Priority Shipping.


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    bump for price drop
    bump for big time price drop
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    I think I just saw this ad about a sec from the local Craigslist :ivarI have the same bag, and I absolutely love it. Bump!
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