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Welcome. An introduction to this thread can be found here.

If you live in one of the Great Plains or Mid-West States we'd love to see a bit of your town in this thread.

If you are uncertain of what to post, here's a suggestion: Choose a commercial center of your village, town or city. Be it a financial district, "downtown" area or other type of market center.

We will finesse these forums as we go depending on the level of posts and participation. But most importantly let's have fun doing this!

Start your post with a title containing a) STATE b) CITY, TOWN or VILLAGE where you live.


Then insert your photo and add a few lines of descriptive text to tell us about the image and your life in that location.



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    Missouri, Kansas City

    This bronze sculpture is called Pomona - the goddess of vineyards and orchards.
    This is on the Country Club Plaza, a shopping district in Kansas City. There are quite a few sculptures and fountains in the city.

    I like this photo because I was trying to capture the highlights of different sculptures without totally blowing out the details.
    I also liked the blue sky-- it was a cool summer day.
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    Excellent first post. Thank you for inaugurating the new forum.
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    Downtown KC, MO Pano

    Taken from Liberty Memorial.
    Jonathan Kilgore
    Lighting Designer / Photographer
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    Denver, Colorado
    Bumpin it! mwink.gif

    Here's a couple from my town, Denver, Colorado....

    Downtown Denver.

    Highlands Pedestrian Bridge during a storm.

    Red Rocks Amphitheater
    Nikon D40
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    The Great Plains offers a tremendous variety for some great photos, but I think it's a shame to limit it to just towns and cities. For me, the real beauty of the plains is the sheer size and vastness of the open spaces. There are small towns and cities with their individual character, but the open space offers so much more.
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