FA at candid street photography

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Well this being my first attempt, I would like all of the C & C you can provide.. I usually don't like street candids, because I was afraid to approach people, but I was at Biscayne bay (Bayfront) taking photos of my family after a nice lunch by the bay, we came upon a pavillion with a live band playing.. I thought I would give it a shot, well, I remembered what I have heard from some people here and on other forums who say to take a wide angle lens or a short mm lens and get in close.. not to be embarrased and just take the shot. I put my 50mm on and dove in, for one shot.. (I need a little more gumption still) anyways.. I liked the outcome and now I want to try it more.. so, sorry for the long story.. tell me what you think.. honestly.




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    i fixed your post so it would show up as an embedded image. look in the dgrin support forum, "wanna post a pic here" thread, it tells you *exactly* how to do it, simple really!

    good onya for diving right in with your fifty :D this is an ok shot - it would be better without the central composition, and also if the viewer could see their faces. keep shooting!
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    Thanks Andy, I appreciate the comments and critique.. I need it!! I thought the same thing.. there was a band playing on stage just to their left, in retrospect I wanted to put the couple in the right side and have the band in the upper left corner.. maybe for some mood.

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