Winners of Mini Challenge #115 - Machines

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Thanks to everyone who submitted photos and commentary! I really enjoyed seeing everyone's machines. It definitely took me a while to whittle down the responses to my favorites.

Honorable Mentions

sherstone - Gear Fly
Brilliantly creative. I love it.

SimpsonBrothers - Edelbrock
Ok, might technically be against my rules, but still worthy of mention.

1934 Morgan Superior - Inorm
Ditto to the above.

Trains - davev
I found myself choosing mostly detail shots, but these trains are beautiful

Gears of Time - MikeK
Nice detail and lighting. Very crisp.

Balloon - StueveShots
I really like the reflections and depth of field.

Greenhouse Irrigation - ghinson
What a complex system. Nice B&W conversion.

3rd Place

Orange peeler - photo-bug
Simple machine, really like the composition and the glowing orange(?). :clap

2nd Place

Gunner - silvereye
In the first post and I wasn't sure it would be beat.... Gritty and such a unique perspective. :clap:clap

1st Place

Blue Train - KevXman
Wow. Great sense of motion and duotone conversion. :clap:clap:clap

Congratulations to Kevin! You're now on the hook to create Challenge #116! Please reference this thread for information. :deal

Thanks again for everyone's participation. I really enjoyed looking at all of the images. If anyone wants specific feedback on something, just let me know...



  • sherstonesherstone ½ here Vancouver Island, BC., CanadaPosts: 2,356Registered Users, Retired Mod Major grins
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    Thank you so much Chris for the HM :D

    Congratulations to everyone else! clap.gif
    especially KevXman
  • JAGJAG Photomaniac Wasilla, AKPosts: 7,083Super Moderators moderator
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    Great picks Chris!! Congrates to Kevin for the win! And to all the runner ups and HM.
  • rainbowrainbow Major grins Posts: 2,765Registered Users Major grins
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    Beautiful shots all!
  • travelwaystravelways Candid Grinner Ottawa, CanadaPosts: 7,854Registered Users Major grins
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    Thank you Chris for the 3-rd place :)

    Congratulations Kevin for the blue train!

    I really enjoyed all the beautiful images on this challenge clap.gifclap.gifclap.gif
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  • KevXmanKevXman Always grinning! Posts: 945Registered Users Major grins
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    WOW! What a way to start the day. Thank you Chris! With all of the great images submitted I know it was a hard choice, but to pick Blue Train as the winner.... I'm still a little shocked. Everyone here does great work and I'm humbled anytime I even get a mention.

    I already have an idea for the next challenge and will try to get the thread posted later today. For those of you who just can"t wait that long, think Lone Sentinel.

    Thanks again everyone.
    — Kevin
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    Congrats everyone!!thumb.gif
  • WhatSheSawWhatSheSaw Major grins Posts: 2,221Registered Users Major grins
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    Congrats, KevXMan!

    Lots of excellent shots there. Thanks for sharing everyone!

    Well done, Chris. Thanks for creating a fun challenge.
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    Congrats to all...

    KevXman - very cool processing (pun intended) and capture!

    ChrisJ - You had your hands full picking from these entries. Nice selection of HM and winners. Kudos!
    Bill Banning

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