Winner - Mini Challenge #126 - "Pan, baby...Pan!"

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Thank you to everyone for the amazing entries in this challenge. Photos like these are why panoramic shots are my favorite type of photography. :thumb

On to the results!

Honorable Mention #1- Hana in the Morning (sapphire73)

While not a "true" panoramic as far as being multiple photos stitched, the crop and overall effect is very nice.


Honorable Mention #2 - View of Los Angeles Basin and Downtown from Griffith Observatory (Cuong)

Great night panorama of LA.

Third Place - 12 shot pano of Glacier National park (davev)

The sheer vastness that this projects is great!

Second Place - Glover's Reef (senorjax)

Serenity, anyone?


...and...the winner is:

FIRST PLACE - 60 shot 360* panorama of San Francisco from Pier 14 (SimpsonBrothers)

60 shots! Having done numerous night panoramics, the patience and dedication for this type of photo is impressive by itself...add on top of that a beautiful view of a beautiful city and we have a winner! Congratulations! :D

Canon 7D and some stuff that sticks on the end of it.


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