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Haven't seen wxwax online lately.

Kinda miss the goofball.

Saw this and got nostalgic for our Yosemite trip.

The ol' wxwax squat.

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    Sid, where are you!!!

    Michiel, your turn:-)
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    Whew, those are odd poses. Laughing.gifclap.gif
  • 4labs4labs Major grins Registered Users Posts: 2,089 Major grins
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    I figured I'd add to the Sid tribute.

  • dragon300zxdragon300zx What God Complex? Registered Users Posts: 2,575 Major grins
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    He hasn't been on since sunday..... Hmm I wonder if he is on vacation and forgot to tell us.
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  • ChrisJChrisJ Major grins Registered Users Posts: 2,159 Major grins

    I know this is a super-old thread... but I just learned on advrider that Sid has passed away. :'(
    Personally, I never met him, I but I remember him fondly from this forum many years ago. God speed.


  • David_S85David_S85 Spotter of Dgrin Spam and Oddities ChicagolandAdministrators Posts: 12,620 moderator

    Yes, true, unfortunately. And sad news it is, too. Thanks for reviving this thread - one I haven't seen for a decade! I never met Sid -- sure wished I had, now reading all the comments online over at AdvRider and elsewhere. I didn't attend the first ever Dgrin/Smugmug shootout, but got to the next several. I think Sid (Waxxy) only attended that first one.

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  • Awais YaqubAwais Yaqub One Inspired soul Registered Users Posts: 10,566 Major grins

    Oh my God, what a sad news. :'(

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  • ian408ian408 More wag. Less Bark. Administrators Posts: 21,461 moderator

    This came out of the blue. Here today and gone far too soon.

    Sid had been writing for Adventure Rider and had was one of the original contributors. Turns out he was a soccer fan and wrote for SB Nation as well-for his beloved Chelsea FC.

    Sid and I had dinner a few years back-great guy and I'm saddened by his passing. Godspeed.

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