Mini-Challenge #131 -- Story Time

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What story does your photo tell the viewer? Is it strong enough to not need a title or a caption to place a context on the photo? Is there enough ambiguity in it to have the viewer wonder about the photo while engaging their attention to explore details that might not readily be apparent? Does it leave the viewer wanting more or returning for repeat viewings?

Submit one to three photos (taken whenever, not just during this period) from 11/1 until 11/15/11 (6 PM PST).

Photos will be judged on strength of the story and viewer interest first and technical merit second. Black and white photos are looked upon favorably (in the tradition of street and PJ) but color photos are not penalized if the color adds strength to the photo.

More on Mini-Challenges rules and explanations here:

A few examples:





Have fun with this challenge!


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