Mini challenge #134- Architectural Elements winner is rainbow

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Congrats to Rainbow's "Airplane reflection in building"

I’ll tell you a bit about how I picked my favorites. Remember that this is subjective…my choices. I should tell you that the scientist in me loves the geometry and precision, while the artist in me loves the drama. Both play a role in influencing my gut.

I narrowed the field by quickly viewing all of the photos. Those that gave me the ‘wow’ or ‘lasting impact’ feeling went on my short list.

On a 1-5 scale, with 5 being the best, my criteria were impact, creativity, technical merit, composition, light and the sense of place.

and my top 6 are:
Sixth: kdotaylor’s window on a red wall. Eventhough this is a much photographed subject, it had impact, technical merit, nice compositional lines and framing. It gave me a sense of the rest of the building.

Fifth: Billseye’s City Hall. The symmetry is awesome. In this case I didn’t have a clue as to what the rest of the building looked like, but the image made me try to imagine it. Nice use of the blue sky.

Fourth: ghinson’s tents. Creative perspective on the tent. It made me wonder why it was there and what was happening beneath its cover. The flags lead me into the photo. The morning dew running down the tent gave me a sense of early daytime, too. I like the sense of space. The image has an understated sense of drama for me. My nit was the tiny bit of the third flag showing on the right. I would have cloned that out.

Third: Frosh’s WDCH. The sharp angles and the sweeping element have nice contrast. The swish moved me around in the frame, always giving me a sense of motion, while keeping my feet planted. In fact, the swish moved this from having a fleeting impact to having a lasting impact, for me. The color and textures worked together nicely.

Second: daveV’s roller coaster. I loved the composition with the swooshing lines and the hard angles. I kept expecting the coaster to come right over the top at me. The long crop moved me up and down, which is what a coaster is supposed to do, right? B&W works for this because of the time of day and because of the contrasts between the structural elements and the light.

First: rainbow’s Airplane reflection. Compositionally, the leading lines and the diminishing perspective gave a sense of a tall building… tall enough to be up there with the airplane. The textural contrast between the architecture and the wavy reflection grabbed my attention. Although the plane isn’t sitting exactly on a third intersection, it does sit on the ROT line and it gives a sense of direction. I also liked the use of color with the gray & white. It was a bonus that the airplane made a connection between the architectural elements and the space beyond the building. It had just enough drama for me.

Rainbow….over to you!

Thanks for the great participation in the mini.


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    Kudos to rainbow! I agree with Chris' comments and rationale for your win...

    Chris - thanks for the nod to my City Hall shot. I'll post a shot of the building from a different perspective later this weekend. It's an amazing piece of architecture!

    Thanks also for the wonderful critiques on your selections. Reading, then going back to look again brought a whole new perspective!
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    Wow! Am I surprised!

    I just returned from a weekend trip where I was not connected to DGrin and was caught off guard tonight with being selected as winner for this mini-challenge against such a strong contingent of entries.

    Thank you Chris (tinimarie52) for running this interesting challenge and giving such thought to the criteria and the feedback. Congratulations to all the runner ups and participants.

    It is past midnight, so I will sleep on it and then give thought to the next mini-challenge. Stay tuned!
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    Congrats to rainbow!
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    Congratulations Rainbow! clap.gif
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    Congrats, rainbow! I'm looking forward to your choice of theme.

    Great theme, Chris! And I really appreciate your taking the time to comment on so many of the entries.
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