Mini Challenge #139 — Sunrise Sunset RESULTS

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Hi Folks! Had to sleep on this one. I don't know what I was thinking when I picked Sunrise Sunset as the theme. There were so many incredible images submitted! It would not be a hard argument to make that each and every one of you deserves an Honorable Mention. Sooooo, I went through them last night and narrowed it down to JUST the ones that I REALLY REALLY like and STILL ended up with twenty-five of them. I would love to have any one (all?) of these hanging on my wall at home. Just absolutely beautiful work people. Sorry, too many HMs to comment on them all.

Honorable Mentions (This is my first cut so the finalists are included here as well.)


Second Runner-Up
Sandhills – davev
Dave, I have always loved this one ever since the first time I saw it, way back when. Great color gradation and silhouttes. I really like the crispness of the sandhills. The way you can see the individual feathers at the end of their wings. Really great image!


First Runner-Up
Dawn Patrol – MJRPHOTO
Michael, all I can say is WOW! Love the saturation of the golden yellow color! Love the reflection on the water, how you can pick out the individual waves, and the faint impression of the far shore and bridge on the horizon. Just incredible!


Sunrise over Nantucket's "Serengheti" – ghinson
Greg!!!! I am so jealous! This is the type of image that is at the top of my bucket list to capture. And here I thought that I would have to travel all the way to Africa to do so. There might be a trip to Nantucket in my future. I was just totally gob-smacked when I saw this. The way you were able to capture the entire spectrum from deep purple all the way to the rich yellow/reds. The clouds! They really add to the texture of the sky. Then the trees! Love the one lone tree in the foreground in contrast to the "smaller" ones on the horizon. They come together to create a really great and interesting silhouette. Everytime I came back to this image I would always find something else in it to look at. Absolutely an unbelievable image. Congrats on having something so incredibly stunning as this in your portfolio.


So, there you have it. A completely incredible group of images everyone! I thought that I had set myself up for a really tough time of judging, which is true, but it was definitely worth it! Just to be able to spend two weeks looking at what everyone had to contribute I would do it all over again. Thank you for playing along. I hope everyone enjoyed this as much as I did.

Greg, the baton has been passed to you. I can't wait to see what theme you come up with.

— Kevin
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    There definitely were a LOT of stellar images this round. Kudos to you for being able to narrow them down. thumb.gif I am honored that one of mine was among your honorable mentions.

    Congrats to Dave, Greg, and MJRPHOTO!!!!! clap.gifclapclap.gif
  • dave6253dave6253 Major grins Registered Users Posts: 229 Major grins
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    Congratulations to the top three. Incredible work! Excellent choices KevXman.
  • rainbowrainbow Major grins Registered Users Posts: 2,765 Major grins
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    Wonderful set of entries! Congratulations to all who won and entered. Thank you, KevXman!

    Looking forward to seeing what the next challenge is...
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    Congrats, Greg! Another of your gorgeous shots!

    Congrats to the runners-up! Shots like those make it worth getting up EARLY.

    I enjoyed looking at all of the entries. Well done, everyone!

    Thanks for the HM, Kevin.
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    First off, Wow. What a group of great shots.

    Second, Thanks for the 3 place finish Kevin. So many great shots, I was surprised to mentioned.

    Third, what a gorgeous shot that won. Congrat's.

    Basking in the shadows of yesterday's triumphs'.
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    Oh wow. Thanks. That's cool. Especially from such a group of photos. All so beautiful. Like you Kevin, I enjoy the eye candy that is a nice sunrise/sunset photo...maybe because they make you feel the same thing as when you're standing out there in the moment. Love those moments!

    OK. New theme. I'll have it going tonight. Hmmmmm.
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  • richterslrichtersl Major grins Registered Users Posts: 3,322 Major grins
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    ghinson wrote: »
    OK. New theme. I'll have it going tonight. Hmmmmm.

  • travelwaystravelways Candid Grinner Ottawa, CanadaRegistered Users Posts: 7,854 Major grins
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    Awesome images sunset here!!! clap.gif

    Thank you for including mine in your honorable mentions :D

    Congratulations Greg! clap.gif
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