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Is there a way to remove an object from a group of images in LR4. For example I had a set of images and I needed to remove an EXIT sign from them. The only way I know how is to do it in PS5.

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    My understanding of Lightroom is that it is a global editor, with a limited ability to alter the image via the adjustment brush. If the stop sign is alone in a field, you may be able to remove it with the adjustment brush like removing a dust mote.

    But there is no ability to remove it like with Photoshop to my knowledge if it is very large, or intersects with important image constituents..
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    thanks guys.
    I agree i thinkg CS5 works great, but the only reason I was looking for it in LR is to sync all the images this was in and hopefully save time.
    The item i needed to remove was in 30 or 40 pictures and I don't know how that can be done in CS5 without doing one image at a time.

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    I am definitely a photoshop noob so this may not be accurate. You should be able to record an action in photoshop, which in this case would be to remove certain parts of an image, and then save that action so you can repeat it. I don't know if photoshop has batch processing though to just send them all through it.
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    I don't know of any way you can do this in LR. There are quite a few ways to get it done in PS (I'd probably clone the sign out, or use content-aware fill).
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    it may be possible with the "spot removal tool"
    it has a heal mode and a clone mode
    choose size (scrollwheel) and click
    you can drag the second circle to a desired place , but often LR picks a correct place
    the first circle can be resized , if you place your cursor on the edge
    repeat adding "spots" untill its gone

    you also mentioned "a group of images"
    if the sign is in the EXACT same location (tripod) , you may copy your brushes
    in left colom click copy
    in the selection screen , deselect all except your brushes
    on the other images , click paste in left colon ( works great on dustspots in a serie of shots )
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    There is a selective clone-like tool in LR, (clone or heal) the question is, does it provide the precision you need to get the job done? The advantage is that IF it works, you could copy and paste this to other similar images. It is just set of instructions. But if you need real precision in this removal, you’ll want to use Photoshop.
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