Houston & Galveston, TX

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I'm looking for some wildlife, landscape and skyline suggestions for Houston and Galveston, TX. Any help would be greatly appreciated.


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    Simple, dont go to Houston.
    "Dont tell me this town ain't got no heart, cause I can hear it beat out loud" Robert Hunter
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    For landscape and wildlife I would recommend:
    Armand Bayou Nature Center - It is south of Houston proper, near Johnson Space Center. Some caged birds but mostly a wild area showing the original plains of South Texas, Egrets, Herons, A few buffalo, armadillos in the evening, and mosquitos of course.
    High Island - East of Galveston use the Bolivar Ferry. This is where the warblers land after crossing the gulf of Mexico. There are also roseate spoonbillls, aligators, egrets, gators, herons, mosquitos and gators. Watch where you step and don't wander off the paths.
    Along I-45 just north of Galveston. There is a frontage road where you can park by the freeway. This area is all marsh and you should be able to find plenty of heron and egrets, maybe some smaller shore birds and waterfowl.
    East end of Seawall Blvd.- If you turn right (south on Boddeker road) you can go into a natural area that sometimes has some interesting shorebirds. Or just park at the end of the road and walk around a bit.

    In any case bring your bug spray if you go to any of these places.
    You should be able to Google Armand Bayou and High Island for more information. The two along the road are just spots I have had good luck at.
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