Need basic help. Selling SOME images in a gallery.

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I have what should be a very basic issue to solve.

I have a fairly large gallery. My problem is that I would like to apply a price profile to only SOME of those images and offer them for sale or download.

I can see how to price individual images. But when I turn on printing for the gallery, it appears that all images are for sale. I only want the "buy" to show up for the images I've priced.

is this possible?

Thanks in advance



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    I believe if you set the prices to "0.00" for an image, it won't allow you to print them. This is the way it worked before pricelists. I am assuming that setting a pricelist with nothing in it (no products) would do the same thing. Guess one of the Smugmug Heroes can answer that for sure.
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  • perronefordperroneford Major grins Posts: 550Registered Users Major grins
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    Thanks. If possible I am trying to keep that buy button from showing up. Hopefully a hero can sort this for me.
  • LindyLindy SmugMug Support Hero La MiradaPosts: 202Registered Users Major grins
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    Sorry. There's really not a way to have the Buy button removed for some images, and not others, in the gallery.

    One solution might be to create a simple "Not for sale" watermark for those images, so your viewers know that when they view the images. You can apply the watermarks to those special images using your Tools. Watermarking is under Many Photos, More.

    Hope that helps!

  • perronefordperroneford Major grins Posts: 550Registered Users Major grins
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    Thanks for the info Lindy. I'll try to explain my situation briefly, and then I'll let you guys decide if this is something you want to take a look at for a future project...

    I shoot a lot of NCAA sports. I can't sell those independently, so normally they go in a gallery, and I turn "printing" off. No pricelist is assigned, and all is good. However, this weekend, I shot a track meet. There were images of NCAA athletes, and images of Amateurs/Pros. The images of the amateurs and pros can be sold. Thus my desire to keep everything in the same album.

    Here is where the tough part comes in. I use my Smugmug site for sales. Generally, I use another site for view only work. It is important that NCAA administrative types do NOT get the impresison that I am selling images of NCAA athletes here on SmugMug. That was the primary reason for not wanting the buy button to show up on certain images. All images are watermarked with my logo. I guess in this instance, I will have to trim my SmugMug gallery down to just the images that can be sold.

    I would imagine that there are MANY pro photographers who would be ecstatic at the ability to mark some items in a gallery for sale, and not all of them. Really, the logic should be as simple as seeing if there is a pricelist AND if print is turned off before a buy button is presented. If either is missing, no buy button should appear.

    Oh well, that's my peeve of the day I guess. :)
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    Right now this isn't possible. If a gallery has printable set to yes, the buy button will show, but you will only be able to buy photos that are actually for sale.

    Maybe you could add your suggestion to our feedback pages?
    That way other users can vote and comment on your suggestion, and it helps us to keep track of all suggestions made.
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