Joshua Tree National Park -- Lyrid Meteor Shower

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Hey all,

Would any of you guys know whether Joshua Tree is a good prime location to view this weekend Lyrid's Meteor shower?

Any suggestion on where within the park is a great location? Thanks!


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    I have several photographer friends heading out there this weekend. JTNP has great dark skies. Be warned that the heat came early and it will be in the 90s midday; take lots of water.

    As to where in particular, if it were me I'd probably stick with Jumbo Rocks area so I could do some night photography with the rock formations before the meteor showers got going full force. Vega (the bright star in Lyra, the radiant) will be almost directly overhead at midnight, so closer to dawn you get good some cool shots with those fantastic rock formations in the foreground. I'm sure other people have their favorite spots, I just like the formations around Jumbo Rock and White Tank.
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    Thank you! I'll definitely consider checking out Jumbo Rock. Hopefully there won't be too many people!
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