Blurb book = disasters ?

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I can hardly believe how photographers like Jean Paul Caponigro just to name one among many, sells with success his books through Blurb in such a medium with so poor quality. Perhaps his are made special.

I have just received two books by Blurb which I was wishing to sell on line. I gave up.
Both black and white photography Portraits and Street Photography - India and both are complete disasters.
The cover is not B&W, it is bluish. The images inside have different tones, on the right bluish, on the left an acceptable B&W but the next pages are reversed, the left is bluish and the right is correct. Sad.

That depends of course on the viewer, how demanding he is when looking at the book. I do know people who looks at blurred photos and say they are very nice. It is incredible.

Blurb has been investing strongly in publicity and promotions lately. I believed them but I can't be doing so in the near future.
I prefer to get a box and collect my images one by one/separated with correct printing - what is more expensive obviously - than having books which I am not proud of.
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    Blurb has a guarantee:
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    ziggy53 wrote: »
    Blurb has a guarantee:

    I do have written an email about my insatisfaction.
    My books were printed - apparently - in Holland where they came from.

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    When LR4 released the book module, I built one using some tough test images (real and synthetic) used to tax such output. I wasn’t very impressed either. Compared to the same images printed out of Aperture, night and day. What was very troubling was the vast difference in quality and tone/color placing the same image on the cover and inside. In a nearly prefect world, they would match. They were shockingly different in the book I got from Blub. Maybe a bad day at the press. But then consistency is also super important. A book you print today and in 6 weeks should visually match. I am in the US if that means anything (it shouldn’t, if there are differing printing plants, they should all produce the same output).
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    I gave up from Blurb or any other service on line because I do have a photographer who kindly, cooperates with me in getting the best result.

    So, if I have a personal assistant which I am not competing with, what do I want better than this ? clap.gif

    But however, this afternoon I was not able to resist at the attractive prices and asked for some prints from Portugal (link to the US branch).

    The printing is done in Portugal but the money I spent on taxes and mail was almost the same that the one for the pictures. At such a rate I am not so sure about the quality but... it was not much money so I decided to take the risk.

    I have to wait a couple of days to see them

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