Critique Requested

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I've been going nuts with my new D800. 201204290460-s-L.jpg


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    Well, you might try going bananas and take another approach. The rusty trucks are too far away to have much's a pleasant enough scene, but nothing special. I'd definitely kick out that blue thing as it adds nothing and is a distraction.

    There is, however, a lot of potential present with the trucks. Get real close to them....go for some abstracts. Accentuate all that rust. You'll have all the RUST JUNKIES on the forum jabbering to themselves.

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    * The light isn't great. It's a mid-day shot.
    * The processing isn't great: The shadows are black, and something is wrong with the sky. It's over saturated and the clouds compared to the sky don't look right.
    * The composition: There's a giant blue tarp at the edge of the frame. It's distracting, and indicates you didn't take time with the composure which makes it feel like a snap shot.

    I don't really know what the subject is. It's not clear to me what you're trying to convey with the photo. I think this is probably the most critical aspect of composition: I should know in looking at the photo what the subject is and what you're going for (be it color, shape, or something else). In this photo I think "OK, so he saw some trucks and took a picture." As a viewer I glanced at it for a couple seconds and move on; I'm not really encouraged to explore.

    I agree with mamba that there are a lot of opportunities with the trucks that you could explore. That said, with the time of day, you'd probably need to do a B&W conversion as the light is very harsh.
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    Tom and CatOne have hit it on the head with their comments. For me, as composed and processed this shot really doesn't hold my interest.
    Mike J

    Comments and constructive criticism always welcome.
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    Really good critiques here all the way around. nod.gif thumb.gif
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