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Sorry if I am posting this in the wrong place, but it seemed like it should go here...

A few days ago, I got a notification that there was an update to Camera Raw in PS CS5. So I of course did it as I always do. It said it was mostly new camera updates, so I didn't think much of it. I need to do those though because I work on photos for a lot of people, and I know some of them get new cameras all the time.

So I was working on a photo shortly after this update, and went to fix a little chromatic aberration I noticed. I went in to fix it real fast and what? The chromatic tools are gone! The tools for fixing lens distortion and all that are still there, but the color tools are gone! I checked to make sure I was working with a Raw file and not a Jpeg or something weird. It was a .dng, so should be no issue there. I dropped out of the program and reboot and everything else I could think of. Nothing. Short of uninstall and reinstall, I have tried all that I could come up with. They are still gone.

Any ideas? I know the tools are there in Photoshop as well, but if I can get it done before I hit that stage, I prefer to do so. Is it just my software that did this, or did anyone else see this happen? Or am I maybe going slightly mad...?


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    I just got word back from Adobe. They removed the tools to fix chromatic aberration in Camera Raw. Now there is only the automatic fix check box. Kind of annoying. Hopefully the improved those auto corrections since they rarely got it right previously.
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