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After a long and quiet non-winter, finally, Spring is here and things are getting active again! Yay!
C&C welcome. Many thanks!

#1 Great Blue Heron

#2 Red Bellied Turtle

#3 Canada Gosling

#4 Canada Gosling

#5 White Breasted Nuthatch

#6 Chicadee



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    Hi, Pear! Great to see you posting again, and wonderful as usual. I love the detail in the GBH feathers, and the Canada goslings re so cute! Keep 'em coming! Best, Pam
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    Great captures! The fist and the last are my favorites.

    It great to life in a country with 4 seasons. I miss those seasons very much.
    I noticed that you really appreciate the seasons as they come and therefor can enjoy it much more.
    I'm born in the Netherlands and now living on Aruba. Aruba = 290 days hot hot hot, 50 days hotter and 25 days rain
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    Very good set of images.
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    Hi Pam, Dick and Harry! Thanks so much for your lovely comments and encouragement! They are very appreciated!
    Dick, changing seasons certainly keep things interesting. Still, I'd trade you for a week. Aruba must be beautiful!

    Thanks again and best wishes,
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