If you could go anywhere you want for 2 weeks...

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I saw this thread on another forum and though it was a great subject. If this has been posted here in the past then ignore it.

If you could go anywhere for two weeks to photograph until you burst, where would you go? This assumes that funds and time are not an issue.

Extra credit: Add your preferred mode of transportation.


  • Art ScottArt Scott Have PASSPORT will TRAVEL WICHITA, KS USARegistered Users Posts: 8,959 Major grins
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    Czech Republic - based out of Karlstejn ( I'd live in that castle if I could) ......hostels out side Prag are normally a lot less expensive....mode of transport - rented MC......2 weeks would only allow me to get started getting the images I want from that country...once i return I may never come back until they fly my ashes back to Ks........
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    I'd stay state-side and take a trip by train around the circumference of the CONUS; starting, and ending, in NYC. I'd go along the northern-border states until WA where my wife and I took our honeymoon to the San Juan islands (maybe we could see some whales this time). From there, down Oregon and CA. Across NV, AZ, a quick trip to UT (gotta get breakfast at the Jailhouse Cafe again), over to CO for a quick stay in Durango (I may retire there in 20-30 years). Durango, to Manitou Springs to see the cliff dwellings again, then down to Santa Fe, and Albuquerque to reminisce about my days in the USAF. From ABQ, across TX to be dropped off in San Antonio so I can get a drink at a bar on the river walk where I was kicked out of after having one-too-many and breaking a glass. TX to LA for a stop in the French Quarter of New Orleans and a stop at Caffe Du Monde. Up the East Coast to stop a few places that I haven't had the chance to yet see, until final arrival in NYC.

    I love trains, and have yet to ride on one.
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  • rpcrowerpcrowe RPCROWE Registered Users Posts: 733 Major grins
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    China or Turkey
    China's Li River between Guilin and Yangshuo - the last time I was in that beautiful area, the weather did not cooperative.


    Istanbul - I have never been there but it is definitely on my bucketlist!
  • BradfordBennBradfordBenn Constantly Amazed Registered Users Posts: 2,506 Major grins
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    I would like to do a motorcycle tour of the US and Canada, mainly the Rockies and Pacific Northwest (of the US). I have had the chance to do some riding and much more basic shooting than I am doing now when there was a motorcycle rally in Spokane Washington I took the month of July to meander to and from with friends. It was a fun time and I got lots of nice pics but not enough time to stop and compose images.

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  • basfltbasflt Major grins Registered Users Posts: 1,882 Major grins
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    Belgium Ardennes and Luxembourg

    on my FLT :D
  • RichardRichard Mildly bemused Madrid, SpainAdministrators, Vanilla Admin Posts: 19,476 moderator
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  • Mr EddyMr Eddy Big grins Registered Users Posts: 58 Big grins
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    Iceland. Especially after seeing some of the photos here recently.
  • crowcrow Big grins Registered Users Posts: 87 Big grins
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    Island hop the Caribbean via seaplane.
    Driving tour of the Mexican Riviera (probably not too safe right now)
    Driving tour of Cuba
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  • SystemSystem Registered Users Posts: 8,195 moderator
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    Sail boat in the Caribbean.
  • LornceLornce Learning To See British Columbia, CanadaRegistered Users Posts: 129 Major grins
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    I'd like to return to Nepal and spend two weeks trekking around the Annapurna range. This time with digital gear.

  • David_S85David_S85 Spotter of Dgrin Spam and Oddities ChicagolandAdministrators Posts: 12,815 moderator
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    +1 vote for Iceland.
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  • Bend The LightBend The Light Bend The Light Registered Users Posts: 1,887 Major grins
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    A choice of 2, I think. I'd ;ove to go to the east - china, korea, cambodia, nepal...that sort of area. Using traditional transport.

    Alternatively, put my truck licence to good use and drive a peterbuilt truck around the USA, and live in the trailer. ;)
  • novicesnappernovicesnapper Major grins Registered Users Posts: 445 Major grins
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    I would opt for shooting all five days of competitions at Rio Carnivol. I think that would be incredible.
  • HarrybHarryb old and lazy Viera, FloridaRegistered Users, Retired Mod Posts: 22,708 Major grins
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    The Maasai Mara in Kenya
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  • RStrickRStrick Beginner grinner Registered Users Posts: 7 Beginner grinner
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    Paris, France on a motorcycle.
  • ADMIT PhotographyADMIT Photography Major grins Registered Users Posts: 431 Major grins
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    I'd travel through Spain.
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    I would go to the international space station!

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