Mini Challenge #142 -- Power -- RESULTS

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Really great photos everyone – well done. I’ve really enjoyed seeing them all and hope you have too.
The full set can be seen here ...

Judging this has not been easy especially getting the balance right between photo quality, visual impact and importantly how well it represents the theme. There is simply too much good stuff here.

As standalone photographs there are many photos that are quite awesome because they brilliantly capture a special or unique moment – for example the weather phenomenon, the swans and the F-18E Super Hornet – awesome! These are brilliant shots in their own right, and they are not the only ones.

I really engaged with all of the photos and possibly more on some you might not suspect – for example the little tug shot with the tension on the cable to an unknown mega-burden. I’m not sure I’ve worked out why yet, but I really like this shot. They are all really good, don’t feel left out if I’ve not mentioned yours or chosen in the three - the standard is high all round. I’m also very pleased to see the diversity of interpretations.

Alas, I ramble – there can only be three, so here are my choices...

3<SUP>rd</SUP> Place – "Powers of Observation" by billseye. Fits the power phrase title. Beautiful, stylish, lovely post process and makes you contemplate the contemplation.

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2<SUP>nd</SUP> Place – "Metal Power!" by chrisdg – Lovely post process (split toning?) and gritty feel and sense the power of this guitarist, and his music and an imagined highly energised audience.


1<SUP>st</SUP> Place – "Ram Tough" by davev.


I’ll explain my thoughts. Although I have a couple of very minor niggles with it, this photo sang out very loud to me when I first saw it and still does.

Quality – the timing is excellent with the animal stretching and hooves just off the ground and just prior to throwing all its weight into a powerful head strike. The snow being kicked up on the left adds to the tension and also the little bulge of snow on the hind leg on the right implies traction. The sharpness and detail is superb and the exposure (or post processing) is spot on. This shot has been taken with the sun relatively low on the horizon and the snow texture has been brought out beautifully and I know snow exposure is quite hard to get right (I take many shots in the snow in the mountains).

Composition - The composition naturally creates an “arch” between the animals which draws the eye to the important part of the photo – this is important in any shot using lighting, leading lines or other techniques. The looking up at the action either because the photographer is crouching or is downhill also enhances the size and power of the animal. I suspect the same shot taken looking down would not work as well.

Power – The larger animal is clearly stretching and developing its power for the impact with as much of its weight as possible and has a very mean single purpose look in its eyes which makes the look on the other two almost “demure”. This is clearly a powerful animal intent on domination in a “one against two” situation!

All in all, for me this is truly a fantastic shot – well done and over to you Dave.


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    Congratulations to all the winners and the participants on submitting such quality shots! And thank you, Alans Grin, for choosing an original topic and conducting the contest.

    Anxiously awaiting the next mini challenge...
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    Thanks Alan. Well run! ... particularly for a newbie around here ;)
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    Great shots everyone! This was a fun mini.

    Congrats to all the winners!! clap.gif
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    In the words of Wayne, "I'm not worthy."
    Lots of outstanding photos in this mini.

    Thanks Alan for the nod.

    I'll try to get a new challenge up by tomorrow morning.

    Basking in the shadows of yesterday's triumphs'.
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    A fun challenge all around! Thanks for the pick, Alan!

    Good work from all and good choice for the winner!
    Bill Banning

    Check out billseye photos on SmugMug
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    Very good choice - these were photos that also attracted my eyes and admiration!

    Congratulations! clap.gif
    Tatiana - Seeing the world through my camera ...... Facebook
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