Mini Challenge #144 - Sounds of Summer - Results

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Congratulations to all who participated and thanks to all those who took time to comment on the entries. This was a tough contest to judge as the quality of all of the entries was very good.

Like my predecessor, I struggled to select even the top 10 - and keep in mind, this is a purely subjective placing. Several others could just as easily have been included in the top 10, perhaps missing due to some small technicality. Obviously my personal bias toward quiet experiences in nature shows a bit in my selections - ah, the judge's prerogative :wink

So, suspense no more - the top 10 are:


Each of these images spoke to me, strongly evoking a response that sounded like summer.

And the top three, in reverse order, are ....

#3 I could here the whirring sound of the wings beating frantically against the air - a good example of shallow DOF while showing the movement of the wings

#2 With his beak open, this bird's song called out to me - and a beautiful use of shallow DOF too.

And in first place, congratulations go to jmphotocraft for this image that provides the quintessential sound of summer... the crack of the baseball bat sending the ball soaring away

Congratulations. The ball, so to speak, is in your court now for Mini Challenge #145.
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    Congratulations to all the winners and participants! Thank you snowgirl for running the MC!

    Looking forward to see what is next...
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    Congrats to the top ten winners!

    Great Job jmphotocraft for the winning photo.

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    Thanks, showgirl for such an evocative theme, and congratulations to jmphotocraft on such a terrific image. Thaks also to everyone who contributed: I enjoyed and learned from everyone's photos.


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    Thanks for the fun theme Ceci, and Congrat's to the top 3.

    Basking in the shadows of yesterday's triumphs'.
  • jmphotocraftjmphotocraft GWC for hire Portland.ME.USARegistered Users Posts: 2,987 Major grins
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    Thanks snowgirl and everyone! I've never won a photo contest before, how exciting! (not that I've entered many, but still!) Mini Challenge 145 coming soon!

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    Congrats, Jack--it was a perfect shot for the theme! Good job on the theme selection and judging, Ceci. One of the most creative MC themes, I think.
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    redleash wrote: »
    One of the most creative MC themes, I think.

    I agree!! I heard every sound as I looked through all of the entries.

    Congratulations to the the top finishers!
    and great job Snowgirl!
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