how to get clear eyes ?

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how to get clear eyes in portraits ? i have seen some videos on enhancing eyes in Ps .. but i cant get crystal clear eyes ? do i need to have lighting equipment ? or do i need to have prime lenses ? i used 18-55 kit lens to take this pic[email protected]/8519394492/in/photostream

but i want to get like these[email protected]/8519394962/in/photostream[email protected]/8518282165/in/photostream


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    okay here goes:

    1) find someone with big eyes (not notice the baby in your 1st shot has smaller eyes and there are hardly any "whites" to show!)
    2) find a large light source and get their face into it! all eyes will look dingy when the subject is back lit or poorly lit.
    3) use single focus point on the eye itself when shooting a subject.
    3) clean it up in post processing

    You can do it with your lens fyi.
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