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Smart Deblur is a Windows freeware deconvolution software (beta) which includes the most advanced blind deconvolution engine I have seen in a free product.

Similar to the Adobe "sneak peek", which turned out to be partly somewhat of a fraud (Adobe later confessed to the synthetic blur used for the Kevin Lynch image):

... this is a more realistic demonstration software that you can try on your own images.

From the embedded image for the software (my processing):


After processing:

Be sure to check out their other examples, which include the first Adobe sample image from the above video:
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    I was going to say that the results are nothing short of amazing, but the more I think about it, they are beyond amazing. Hoping for a Mac version.
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    Blind deconvolution is most helpful when the image meets two criteria:
    1) Subject matter is slightly or moderately blurred.
    2) Subject matter is all in the same plane of mis-focus.

    Remember that deconvolution affects the "entire" image to the same degree. I always use layers to blend the deconvolved subject back into the original background/foreground for the most natural image appearance.
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    I got SmartDeblur to run fine on my Macintosh under CrossOver Mac (Wine libraries). You can try CrossOver on the free trial demo, or Google "Wine libraries" for freeware.
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    Totally Amazing
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