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Does anyone have any experience in printing CDs. I sell about 4000 a year and give them out in custom printed jackets. the CDs are also printed. They cost me about $1 apiece. I am thinking about buying a Primera Bravo 4100 and doing it myself. I would give them out in clear clamshell cases. Does anyone do this who could give me some realistic costs and problems.


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    I print my low volume CD/DVD's on my Epson 3000, but it would not be adequate for your volume. In fact it is very cumbersome to print even low volumes. I've seen the Primera Bravo and it seems like it would be up to the task, but you would have to amortize the cost of the unit over the volume of CD's. I suspect that the custom printed ones would be more cost effective unless you need individually sequenced set of images on the CD. I believe that the quality would be better on the custom printed ones.
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