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Can we get a way to measure our header dimensions in a more fixed manner, instead of being percentage-based? Try viewing my site on a large display, an iPad / tablet, and a phone: http://photos.matthewsaville.com

I had a terrible time trying to get my navigation links to display in a row instead of a column, and even now it still turns into a column on my phone and the links have different spacing on my iPad.

I may be wrong but I feel that if I could somehow lay out my menu items on a fixed-pixel basis, I could get a site that looks a lot more consistent.

I would also like to have more options in those navigation menu tools, like how before we could designate a separator character such as a dash or a dot or something. Maybe some of this stuff is already possible and if so then show me how, but I feel that there is a lot more customization we could get in the future...

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    I added a link with no URL between each main button.
    This is the text of the "non link" bullet.

    But when window is narrowed it really spreads out the menu vertically.

    I now have to find CSS rule to greatly reduce button R/L padding so they're not spread too much.
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