Cropping with Nikon Capture NX2

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for a Yahoo Group RV forum I need to size a picture 1020 pixels wide by 250 tall. These pictures would be for the home page of the forum. Yahoo recently changed the format and more normal size pictures do not work (grrr).
By lucky guess I have been able to make some pictures about the right size. It seems that there should be a tool that shows the dimensions as I make them. Or allow something that would allow me to make a box to that size and put in the photo. Does anyone here know of such a tool.

Does smugmug allow you to format a size ratio ratio for a photo?

I am just a hack at this, doing it for fun not profit. I use a iMac and Capture NX2 with D300 and now a D600.

Thanks in advance


  • DaCDaC Big grins Posts: 59Registered Users Big grins
    edited September 4, 2013
    I got it now. Thanks.
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