My wishlist.....

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Here's a list of things I hope SM will consider...

1. Better address book

Zenfolio has it where you can view all your website communications in one central location. This is great because you don't have to sift through your own personal email.


Emails in 1 place

2. Improved client communications

Please allow us to send invitations to specific galleries from the organizer.


Email system


Nice templates

3. Organizer

The ability to adjust thumbnail sizes

4. Customizer

Saving different elements such as the navigation menu.

*I hate that I have to rebuild my navigation menu every time I test a new template! I'd love to be able to save it, it'd make life so much easier*

5. BLOG integration

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    If you want other people to comment on your requests (and potentially to agree with you and show a level of importance from multiple people) you should consider adding a separate post for each request.

    This was requested in the Welcome To The SmugMug Feature Request Forum sticky at the head of this forum. From that post:
    When Submitting A Feature
    *Please make the post title just the feature you would like, in a clear easy to understand title.
    *Please describe why this feature is important to you in the message. We do not need to have long posts, just a couple of sentences.
    --- Denise
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