Mini challenge #174 Tourist Postcards - Results

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Firstly, I would like to thank everyone for taking part. They are all great pictures which I've really enjoyed seeing, but the headache of choosing less so! Judging these minis is never easy and my approach of down selecting the top 10 has proven exceptionally difficult let alone choosing the top 3 and the winner.

Before proceeding to my selection I've a couple of very minor comments on some of the images where something has caught my eye, and I acknowledge I am being very picky here ...

ChandlerJa ... All beautiful images with exceptional quality. White sands in particular was just outside the top 3, and I'm intrigued by the weather pattern top left (rain storm?) which adds to it in my view. A lovely image.

Slpollet ... Very lovely images. On the Helen photo I think you get away with the black lamppost, but the foreground silver one does get in the way a little. I think this lamppost may not be quite upright which also does not help - but I'm also not quite convinced the image is quite level either. The roof on the left is leaning inwards (lens distortion?) which also does not help. However, a very nice scene and your other two would make very nice cards.

Cactus ... Mt Yasur Erupting. I would love to have put this in the top 3 not only because it is a great shot and postcard but also because it is a image I would love to take someday. I'm quite envious and just to see it would be something special for me. I hate to be picky but the top right corner has a really minor intrusion (distant horizon?) which would have to be cloned off for a postcard.

ShootingStar ... Wadi Rum. I think the image might be slightly stronger if the foreground bolder was not sitting on the bottom edge of the image. I would be tempted to extend the crop down a bit or clone out the bolder. Again I am being very picky, but that said it is still a fantastic and beautiful photo.

kentwaller ... Santorini. Lovely shot. Although I generally don't photoshop, I would be tempted to clone off the extra bits of white building intruding half way up right hand edge. I think the image might be slightly cleaner without it if used as a postcard. Just my take.

If I have not mentioned a photo it does not mean it was not a close contender, it may well have been in my top 10 but I don't think you want me to waffle on about all of them!

So the three finalist ...

3rd place - Cafe Culture, Melbourne - by cactus.
I really like this shot. Perfect timing with the woman walking forward towards the waiting waiter. I think the treatment is classy effective and adds to the atmosphere. It would make a great classy postcard in my view.

2nd place - Erg Chebbi - by ShootingStar.
Like several others did ... I went wow when I saw this image. It is simply stunning and I think would make a great card. The exposure, particularly the shadows, is controlled very well to avoid a simple silhouette. However, I have a slight concern for a printed postcard ... there is a slight but highly visible halo around their heads which I suspect might show up more in print. This may be just the way it was, or perhaps the camera added it, but most times I have seen this effect it is due to over sharpening or too much Lightroom "clarity slider" (localised contrast boost) particularly in Lightroom 3 or earlier. Later versions do it much better. It is still a great capture and absolutely stunning image which would make a great postcard.

1st place - Paris - by kentwaller.
This is a stunning image and would also make an excellent postcard. Not everyone likes deliberate tilt (or "Dutch tilt") but in this instance I think it really works and the angle adds interest and energy. The twilight time of day for the shot was chosen very well for a night shot to give the rich deep blue sky. A narrow time window for the light to work in. A fabulous image, which is different to many of the "straight" shots of the tower - well done!

Over to you kentwaller.


Ps. Sorry for the lack of images. I'm currently in Auckland NZ with only an iPad and can't work out how to copy the refs. If anyone with admin privs feels like doing it for me then thanks, but no worries if not.


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    Congrats to everyone andI feel very honoured to have a mention amongst such a fine group of people, thanks too Alan and all the great people I've met.
    Thanks for the great feedback on the volcano too. It need so much work because it was also dusk. It's from 2008 and I have a play with it about once a year as I hone my editing skills and the software gets better. Oh I haven't tried a content aware move with that horrible rim. Thanks!!
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    WOW! Thanks Alan! This shot was taken with a tripod, base of the tower, wide angle and a very patient wife. Turns out it is one of my favs, which kills me because it is of such an iconic landmark, but i think that makes it all the more challenging to come up with something unique. There were terrific photos in here as always and I am honored to have been chosen. Will get a new competition up soon!
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    Here is the winning image:

    Congrats Kent!
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    Hi Alan

    Thanks for both your comments and the 2nd place.
    Guilty as charged... sharpening is my favorite tool....

    Congrats Kentwaller, I always love your shots!
    Nature can be so different around the world but it is always amazing!

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    Thanks for the kind comments and congrats to the top 3! All outstanding photos!! :)
    It was a rain storm in the background of my white sands shot.
    I must have taken 2000+ photos that day! What a great place to shoot!!
    Light is everything in life and photography.
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