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I am in IT by profession but like to indulge in Photography and Video Editing. I somehow stumbled on to this site from Fred Miranda blogs. I would like some advice from people here. I have used canon 40d for long time but now planning to buy Canon 70D as I do lot of video shooting. What would you recommend if I have a budget of about $ 1500. Is there anything better than 70d with this budget I can buy ?



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    The Canon 70D is too new to know all of its video qualities for sure.

    You would probably be best to purchase some Canon STM (stepper motor driven autofocus) lenses to go with the camera as that's what the video section of the 70D is apparently optimized for. Will that kill your budget?

    What sorts of video are you planning to shoot with the camera?

    What lenses do you currently own?

    Do you need the additional DOF control that a FF body offers?
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    Blackmagic pocket camera? GH3? Several options depending on needs.
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    Not to further muddy the waters, but if you plan to do most of your focusing manually when in video mode, the 70D doesn't offer much in the way of other improvements over its predecessors with a lot of the same shortfalls. The 60D is great and can be had for a lot less.

    If you end up selling off your 40D, good luck with it. I took a serious bath on putting mine to market.

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