Mini Challenge #176 - Tis the Season - Results

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See Below...
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    Ok, here's the results - sorry again for the delay.

    Thanks to all who submitted images.... as always, so many wonderful photos to view, and so hard to narrow-down to favorites - but I did....
    This round, some of the dramatic colors caught my eye, as well as the beautiful scenery.

    Honorable Mentions - INPO

    lifeinfocus -Maple tree
    Love the vivid oranges and reds - hard to find in SoCal

    Another hard-to-find scene in my area - this shot makes me want to jump out of the car and throw snowballs!

    travelways - Copper and gold
    I really liked all your shots Tatiana - the Broom Jockey is too funny - this one is so rich in color and atmosphere.

    Third Place (2 - a tie for a couple of our DGrin Sharpshooters)

    kentwaller - lake bled
    You have captured quite an idyllic, storybook place with such lovely Fall colors, light, and sky - super nice!

    Alans Grin - First Snow Flakes
    How cute is that!! Great close-up... but add the snowflakes - fantastic! My wife loved this one a lot...

    Second Place

    Cavalier - Bridal Veil Falls
    A stunning capture of the dramatic beauty of Yosemite - I confess a little home-state bias in admiring this image....
    I think it is almost monochrome (a little bit of green still in the trees ?), but I'm not sure and that intrigues me... could be my eyes - very nice either way!

    First Place

    kdotaylor - #1
    Often, I have an affinity for unusual style and content in photos, so, this one appeals to me on several levels.
    The weathered old dock leads you into a misty, mysterious, deserted place - guarded by the towering, silent, trees.
    I love the slightly exaggerated (HDR-ish) color tones and the surrealistic feel as a result - different and cool image kdotaylor!

    You've got the ball kdotaylor... thanks again to all who submitted - I always appreciate the opportunity to participate and pick my favorites.
    Have a great Fall and Winter season everyone!
    Eric ~ Smugmug
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    Thanks for hosting this event. Sorry that I upgraded the image "Maple Tree" just recently so the URL link is broken. Just was not thinking about how it would affect the link in the posting.

    Thanks much hosting this mini competition and your selections.

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    Thanks for the HM - didn't expect that as all the others were so good. Looking forward to the next one.
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    Well done and thank you for hosting Eric.

    Congratulations kdotaylor.

  • ShootingStarShootingStar Major grins le HavreRegistered Users Posts: 145 Major grins
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    Congrats to all.
    Some great shots! I especially like to winning picture.
    Sorry I was not able to participate, did not have some good old shots and was in Sydney, Australia during the time of the challenge so not really fall colors...
    Nature can be so different around the world but it is always amazing!

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  • kdotaylorkdotaylor Major grins Registered Users Posts: 1,265 Major grins
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    Wow, thanks Eric! I wasn't expecting to win--my first win ever in the minis!

    There were some really beautiful images this time around; I especially like Alan's bird with the snowflakes--isn't that an incredible capture?

    I will read up today on what my responsibilities are for posting a new mini challenge, and get that going ASAP.

    "You cannot depend on your eyes when your imagination is out of focus." Mark Twain
  • CavalierCavalier Life is a Bokeh Foresthill, CaliforniaRegistered Users Posts: 2,221 Major grins
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    Good mini Eric with some great shots - thanks for hosting it. And thanks for the Second place - yes the trees do have some green - it is not your eyes!
  • kentwallerkentwaller No "Try". Do. or Do Not. Registered Users Posts: 158 Major grins
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    congrats to kate for a great shot and well deserved win! looking forward to the next challenge!
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