or Maybe trade. Bunch of Nikon Glass

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Nikon stuff I would like to sell or maybe trade:

SOLD Nikon 80-200 AFS 2.8 This is the awesome pre VR one not the D. This is a much better lens than the VR1 on full frame. Super sharp super fast focus. Small scratch on front element. Does not effect image in any way. I would put this up against my VR2 anytime. It is awesome. I just never ever use it. Sits in a drawer as a backup

Nikon 24-70 2.8 $1600 Just got back from service from Nikon This lens is like new.

Nikon 17-55 2.8 $900 This is the DX equivalent of the 24-70 on FX. This lens has been well used but well loved. No scratches on Front element and in very good shape cosmetically and mechanically. Very sharp and accurate focus.

Here is stuff I want:
Looking to trade for
17-35 2.8
14-24 2.8
A Nikon D800 with some cash from me
A Merlin 2 steadicam and some cash


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    I'm interested in the purchasing the 80-200 2.8
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