smugmug.images.get returning only list of IDs

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I'm trying to fetch the contents of an album. I'm using the smugmug.images.get method, specifying "&Heavy=true" to get the full ("heavy") details of its contents.

What is returned is a simple list of IDs. This isn't the standard result, which according to the documentation returns some info about the album and then a list of image IDs and keys. It certainly isn't the "heavy" result. All I get is a list of image IDs, no keys, no album info.

Here's the result (I truncated the IDs to 4 digits, otherwise it's unaltered):
<?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8" ?><rsp stat="ok">
<Image id="1231" /><Image id="1232" /><Image id="2700" /><Image id="2726" /><Image id="8487" /><Image id="8913" /><Image id="7187" /><Image id="7804" /><Image id="1389" /><Image id="1324" /><Image id="1348" /><Image id="1675" /><Image id="0474" /></rsp>


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    edited April 20, 2014
    Works with 1.2.0
    I changed it to use /1.2.0/ and now it works.
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