Nikon stuff-piece by piece

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since I'm a beginner..i appreciate ziggy moving my sale to the flea market.sorry,i just did't know
so lets further break it down piece by piece. d700 (less than 900 clicks) sell @ $1525.00
2.Nikkor 70-200 2.8 VR AF_S ED sell @ $1880.00(incls hood,tri mt,case,hoya hd uv filter)
3.Nikkor 70-300 4.5/5.6 VR AF_S ED sell @ $380.00(incls bag,promaster cir-pl filter)
4.Nikkor 50 AF 1.4D sell @ $140.00(incls b&w pro uv haze filter) SOLD
5.Tamron for Nikon 28-75 macro 2.8 I-AF sell @ $280.00(incls hood,promaster cir- pl filter)
6.Nikon multi power pack (boosts it from 5.5fps to 8fps)[email protected] $150.00
7.Billingham(made in England) 445 shoulder bag sell @ $100.00
plus cables,straps,cases,battery(2),chargers(2),& d700 books,owners manuel ;all free w/package

All this retailed for over $8,000. Total separate @ sell price $4305.00 Total package price $3305.00
& i'll pay the! I need out for now...need the cash. do bank transfer or PAY-PAL
or if within 200 miles we can meet.810-444-3343 or [EMAIL="[email protected]'t"][email protected]'t[/EMAIL] pass this up! Everything is SOLD!!!!!


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    Is number 2 the VR II model?
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    2.8 VR or VR11?
    Is number 2 the VR II model?

    Sorry everthing was is sold.probably doesn't matter as 70-200 2.8 was a VR not a VR11 anyway.
    Thanks for the inquiry anyhow.............shamoo2 (KEN)
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