New Feature to Modify a User's Search

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Hi all!

My name's Kerry, and some of you may remember me from when I participated and modded the DGrin Challenges a while back. I've since managed to shove my way through SmugMug's doors, where I get to help write about the awesome things the folks here do. :barb

And one of the latest things is the ability to modify a user's search!

Why would you want to do this? Say you shoot a lot of marathon races every year, and runners come to your site looking for that fantastic shot you took of just them—which you tagged by runner number. But that same runner number might appear in each race you shot that year.

Now you can modify search results by combining keywords, so when a runner from your latest race searches that race gallery, you can limit their search results to just that race instead of results from across your entire site.

To do this, you'll need to modify query terms.

For specific instructions on how to modify search terms, check out this help page.

You can add keywords before or after a user's search, combine terms with a search to make a single word, and much more. The help page outlines exactly what you can modify and how, with examples to help highlight what your user will see as a result of the modified search. You can also find more information in our latest blog post.

Questions? Comments? Let us know below!


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    Bonus! You can also direct your users to a keyword gallery results page instead of the search results page.

    This means your users will see a results page that shows images related only to their entered keyword(s) (instead of the broader results returned by the search results page). Result? A better and easier viewing and buying experience for your clients!
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