I Don't Do Weddings...

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But, a 50th wedding anniversary of people I know and love...

I'll take some candids.

I took about 40 shots during this reception. These three stood out to me. Wouldn't mind the opinion of you pro wedding shooters.

On camera speedlight flash with my "home-made" modifier.




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    Great moments...photos look flat; perhaps convert to b/w with more contrast.
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    Bryce, Photo #1 is just awesome. I'm counting down the seconds before someone comments about how desperately it needs to receive some noise reduction, but honestly? It fits. The image is timeless, and the grain / noise simply adds to it. The colors are also a bit neutral, but again, don't feel too compelled to "go to town on them" with any sort of excessive processing. (Although B&W versions might look beautiful too!)

    Obviously these are simple candid snaps, and I bet a veteran pro with extremely high standards would dismiss them as just that. But to me, as a wedding photographer myself, what I see are beautifully timed, REAL moments that you've captured quite elegantly. Bravo, the people in these pictures, and future generations to come, will cherish the photos.

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    My only comment is the first seems a bit over-flashed. But the moment? Awesome! Very nicely done.
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    Memorable moments... awesome feeling and enjoyable day :D
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    These are good wedding images. It supports the fact that not every wedding portrait needs to be glamorous, posed photo of young and nice looking couples. The moments are important for wedding photography and capturing the emotions during the wedding ceremony and reception is what makes the clients to like the pictures. You did well on these.

    I like how each wedding picture has a story to tell and are not just some posed, cliche images as we see lots of them lately. Wedding is an exciting day for many and should be captured and presented as such. Good job.
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    Thanks for the comments folks!

    I think I'll stick to what I'm comfortable with. Besides, I like Saturday nights off! :D
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