Mini Challenge #198: Ornamental

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Mini Challenge #198: Ornamental

I wanted to pick a theme that could be somewhat seasonal, but not necessarily limited to seasonal depictions. "Ornamental" could be represented by holiday ornaments, architectural elements, or even clothing or household items. What images do you have that depict anything Ornamental? Show me!

I'm not sure my limited portfolio has great examples, but here are a couple to get started.

1. Cell phone pic of glass ornaments at an arts & crafts bazaar:

2. Ornament on the tree

3. Cell phone pic of Wedding Dress detail

4. Dome of U S Capital Building

I'm sure you can do better than these, so post 'em and make my judging job tough. I'll let this run until Monday, January 5, 2015, noon Central Standard Time. That gives about 2 weeks over the holidays to get your entries in. Merry Christmas, Happy New Year, Happy Hannukah, Happy Kwanzaa, or Happy whichever holiday you celebrate in your neck of the woods!

1. Have fun sharing and seeing what others share!
2. The host supplies a topic and YOU POST 1-3 IMAGES. The host judges the winners (1st, 2nd and 3rd) and is not eligible to enter. The 1st place winner becomes the next host, chooses the next topic and becomes the next judge.
3. Any photo you’ve taken is eligible, regardless of when taken or camera used.
4. Any amount of post-processing is allowed. However, it is helpful if you list your camera and lens along with your photo.
5. You may comment on other contestant's images. If you want someone to leave you some critique or criticism, just ask within your post.
6. The winner has up to three days (72 hours) to begin a new mini-challenge, or the honor goes to the #2 finisher and so forth.

1. Enter 1-3 photos and put them in a single post.
2. Either embed your image in the thread or, if you must, supply a link to it. Keep in mind, however, most people don't want to click to open photos hosted elsewhere (i.e. on your website).
3. Also try and resize your photos prior to posting so they're sized appropriately for viewing without having to scroll (~800 pixels on the longest side works best.)
4. Give each image you enter a title.
5. Enjoy discussion with members about their images, don't let this just be an entry thread!
6. When quoting a post, change the IMG urls to a 200x200 size picture so it is clear your post is feedback and not another entry. (See here for help).
7. Don't be hesitant; share 'em and enter!

Mini-Challenge pointers:
1. Upon winning a mini-challenge round, your first step is coming up with a new theme and starting a new thread using the same format as others have used.
2. Make sure to notify the admin of this thread to update the main thread links with your entry thread.
3. Feel free to watch the thread as it grows or wait to the end time and look at all the entries all at once.
4. After the time/date has passed, then officially close the thread with a single post notifying everyone of the fact.
5. After you're finished judging, start a new thread (again using the prior formats) and post your Winner and runners-up. It is important to have runners up in case the winner does not show within the 72-hour window.
6. PM the winner with this info above and let them know they have 72 hours to set up the next mini-challenge.
7. If the winner does not show/start the next mini-challenge after 72 hours, notify the next runner-up and post a message on the Winner thread of the fact.
8. Remember, if you're the Winner, you run the next mini challenge!

Sherry P.


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    I'll get you started:

    Ornamented deer:


    Reaching for the ornaments:


    Japanese ornamental items:

    Tony Cooper - Orlando, Florida
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    Tony - Nice shots... and "Reaching for the ornaments" was very well seen and certainly qualifies as a Digital Grin!


    PS - Nice theme Sherry - I'll try to find time to shoot something for this as well as scan my collection
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    Ornamental - One of the things I did this morning was look Ornamental up in the dictionary. Dictionary definitions include "serving or intended as an ornament" (talk about a circular definition!!); a decorative object: serving to add beauty.

    Synonyms: decorative, fancy, ornate
    adorning, beautifying, embellishing, decorative

    functional, utilitarian

    The dictionary mostly used Ornamental Plants as an example as opposed to useful plants. But I chose not to go in that direction

    After considerable wavering, I've got three examples, none of which are related to the season.

    Architectural- I first considered one of the Russian buildings which are all ornamented with rococco gold, but I decided that this is a better example of Ornamental in Architecture.


    (This is a part of La Sagrada Familia - the church designed by Antoni Gaudi from whose name we get the adjective Gaudy meaning extravagantly showy

    Second is ornamental in clothing. This is a an example of the molas as done by the Kuna women of the San Blas Panama islands. Originally, they painted their bodies with designs. When the Spanish missionaries got to them, they transferred the designs to clothing. They do a kind of reverse applique by sewing together several layers of cloth, and then cutting away parts of each layer.


    Third comes from an exhibit of Chiluly glass at a botanical garden in Miami. This is ornamental without being in any way useful like buildings or clothing - strictly for looking at.


    This one comes closest to a picture of a Christmas ornament.
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    Nature's Ornaments
    Eric ~ Smugmug
  • KMKKMK Beginner grinner Registered Users Posts: 2 Beginner grinner
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    Christmas star
    Complete beginner with a SONY a6000 - any feedback or suggested improvements please :-)
  • catcher33catcher33 Big grins Registered Users Posts: 81 Big grins
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    buttrerfly ornament
    To keep with the theme I offer my attempt

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    KMK wrote: »
    Complete beginner with a SONY a6000 - any feedback or suggested improvements please :-)

    Hi KMK,

    Firstly .. a warm welcome to the DGrin challenges.

    I like your image and you asked for feedback. I am absolutely no expert, and these are very minor post processing ideas (not suggestions) to explore depending on what software you use for your post production - my weapon of choice is Lightroom because I always shoot RAW.

    If this image was mine I would explore putting a gentle darkening grad in from the left hand edge to reduce the brightness on that side and perhaps match the background brightness to that on the right hand side.

    I would also consider very slightly reducing the brightness of the reds in the image with the aim of giving the white patterning a little bit more definition.

    I would also darken the light patch right in the top left corner and drop a darkening grad in from the top edge to possibly better contain the scene.

    I must stress again these are very small and subtle suggestions and to a large degree a question of taste. Although I always do my best to get things right when I take a shot, I will quite often "sculpt" the image in post to something more pleasing to me (emphasis on me!). Photographers have been doing this kind of post production sculpting since photography was invented.


    PS - Rather than detract from this thread, if you are interested in seeing the differences I'm talking about I have taken the liberty (hope you don't mind) of copying your photo to show you the before and after here ...

    You should be able to use the cursor keys to flick between before and after in the slideshow.

    My apologies for my copyright watermarking on your image ... it is an automated thing for my publishing. I will delete these images shortly. Once again - I claim no sense of "correctness", just what works better for me.
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    Eric ~ Smugmug
  • slpollettslpollett Major grins Registered Users Posts: 1,090 Major grins
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    Come on, folks...there is still time to post your entries. I know this mini has been right through Christmas/New Year's holidays which is a busy time for many, but I really hoped for and expected a few more entries than this. ne_nau.gif

    Just a little over 27 hours left to enter...

    Sherry P.
  • Alans GrinAlans Grin Major grins Registered Users Posts: 346 Major grins
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    1) Gift Wrap


    2) Lanterns


    3) Glass Stoppers - Though I'm not sure if you would consider them "Ornate" or not.


  • travelwaystravelways Candid Grinner Ottawa, CanadaRegistered Users Posts: 7,854 Major grins
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    1. Decorative architecture detail in Granada, Spain

    Spanish architecture - Alhambra, Granada, Spain

    2. Decorated key-whole of an old door in Spain

    3. Hair ornament of aboriginal woman of Canada

    Hair ornament of aboriginal woman of Canada
    Tatiana - Seeing the world through my camera ...... Facebook
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    No time to get some fresh shots with a new grandbaby and lots of family here for the holidays, but did look through my photos and decided to process these images for the mini. A friend invited me (and several others) to watch her night blooming cereus unfurl several blossoms one night.

    1. Night Blooming Cereus

    2. Unfolding Beauty
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