Reducing short hairs

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Hi all,

I am not sure what is the "proper" (And kind) way to write this in English.. what is the appropriate tool in lightroom (or in photoshop) to make a lovely pregnant's belly to look better?

This is a sample I am trying to improve. You do not need to spend your time editing the image. Just give me your links and ideas on the post processing.




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    I'd do it in Photoshop because my editing skills in LR are weak.

    Duplicate the layer, add a gaussian blur, make the blurred layer
    a Layer Mask, and paint out everything but the belly and the
    heart on the belly.
    Tony Cooper - Orlando, Florida
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    Thanks I will give it a try. I was thinking that perhaps I can also paint in lightroom and then reduce clarity. Also removing spots would help
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    alaios wrote: »
    Also removing spots would help

    If you are talking about permanent "spots" (moles/freckles etc) then I think you need to be careful.
    These are features that are part of the person. If some-one makes the arbitrary decision to remove them, I wonder if it would send the wrong message to the model (as in, "You think they are are "blemish" that shouldn't be there! Who says you are the arbitrator of what makes me who I am?")

    I understand the removal of temporary blemishes such as acne or a cut. Even then, if a person had bad acne, it would be "dangerous" to remove all of it ... because that is not who the person is. In those cases one could "tone" the blemishes down to reduce their prominence whilst still being somewhat true to their reality.
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    In Photoshop:

    1. Color correct the image.

    2. For hairs: Blank layer in lighten mode, sample skin color adjacent to hairs, paint. Or, use the healing brush.

    3. For blemishes, healing brush or spot healing brush.

    4. For skin overall, Imagenomic Portraiture is good. I would avoid Gaussian blur.

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