A few WLax shots...

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Caught a couple games recently. Here's a couple from those.

Always interested in comments/suggestions...

1. IMG_1240a-XL.jpg

2. IMG_1244a-XL.jpg

3. IMG_1035a-XL.jpg

4. IMG_1594a-XL.jpg

5. IMG_2813a-XL.jpg

6. IMG_8665a-XL.jpg

7. IMG_8695a-XL.jpg

8. IMG_8879a-XL.jpg



  • sandjunkiesandjunkie Big grins Posts: 43Registered Users Big grins
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    All great shots. #3 is the best for me with the clarity and intensity of the faces with the blurred out goalie waiting in the background. Great capture.
  • Brett1000Brett1000 Major grins https://www.flickr.com/photos/photoscw/Posts: 816Registered Users Major grins
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    nice set
    (I need an f2.8 telephoto !)
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