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Thanks to all for the submissions to this Mini-Challenge.

I like people shots. I love to see and to capture the look on
people's faces in candid photography. In sports and games,
the expressions range from full-on intensity to surprise and

Some shout-outs to those who have captured one of these
expressions: kdtaylor for her beach volleyball player and seefutlung
for swimmer #3 (and in several soccer shots).

I also like those shots of people engaged in a sport where they
are in positions only tolerable when they are playing hard. As
with Chanderja's "Greedy Soccer" player and Seefutlung's soccer

Thanks to slpollet for reminding me about Quidditch. I've been
meaning to go over to University of Central Florida and capture
some Quidditch action for my personal series of Sports & Games.

Having two grandsons in Babe Ruth baseball, and being the "official" team
photographer, I relate to Gary752's shots. I spent last night culling down
214 RAW images from the last game to the 30 I'll use on the team's
website. (A gallery for each game).

But...on to the "winner". (No such thing in photography. It's more
"this one appeals to me", and all efforts are winners.)

Second Place to CCoop for for the wheelchair shot. It's a shot
where a person's determination to overcome obstacles jumps out at

A HonMen to Seefulung for Swimmer #1 for a composition that
is truly striking.

I have to give First Place to Travelways for "Billiards". The lighting
is superb and effectively gives emphasis to the game and not the
participants. It's the reverse of what I normally like in a Sports & Games
shot, but it works...and that's what counts.

I do wish the image didn't contain that huge and (to me) distracting
logo at the bottom right, but that's a pet peeve of mine so I won't
let it interfere with my reaction to the overall photo.

Again, thanks to all.

PS...I don't know how to include the photos in this thread.
Tony Cooper - Orlando, Florida


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    Congratulations clap.gif to Gary, Carter, and Tatiana! Some great pictures were posted and I enjoyed each of them. And Tony, a very nice job with the Challenge!
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    Wow, Tony thank you very much for this great honor!!! :) Especially with so many fantastic sport photos posted here :)

    I'm so happy that you like the "Billiards" photo, because I am so very proud of it myself - wow - you cannot imagine how happy I am wings.gif

    I'll have to think about the next challenge theme for a few hours - I'll be back as soon as possible - WOW, again :ivar
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    I enjoyed the photos of the swimmers particularly as those are hard to get.
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    Thanks for the challenge, and for everyone who shares so freely and so kindly in these forums. In this wheelchair racer I found strength, determination and adaptability. That became the essence of this photo. I'm gratified to know the message came through. --Carter Cooper

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