Mini Challenge #210 - Results

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Wonderful photos all!

My favorite from GrandmaR is the optovision. It has a great color and composition.
My favorite from Travelways is the orange. The crisp water droplets are wonderfully done.
My favorite from earache is #2. You caught the architectural details and the art perfectly.
My favorite from ChrisJ is SOFIA. Great composition with the planets.
My favorite from Sdways01 is the wind speed chart.

And the top three:

Third place - GrandmaR for the optovision in blue. Great job.

Second Place - Earache for the architecture at the science center. I love the color and capture.

First Place - Adam for the wind speed chart. I love the spiraling lines, I like the composition and the crisp focus on the analog details, and I really like the vintage feel to the data acquisition and photo.

Adam - now it's your turn to select the next mini challenge. (You can pm JAG if you have any questions.)
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