Rapstrap / cable tie.

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This item recently crossed my radar via an item on the BBC website profiling 6 ideas pitched during their 'Dragon's Den' programme.
As we don't have a TV, I missed it first time around.

I ordered some early last week and they arrived yesterday and I'll definitely be adding some to my kit bag (or bike panniers) for 'use in the field' ...

Many's the time I've wanted to do a bit of 'localised gardening' at a location to temporarily move vegetation / branches etc in order to improve a field of view, or attach some sort of rain / snow / sleet etc cover etc.

Whilst it's early days with respect to using these, they look extremely promising ... especially the fact that they can be easily removed at the end of the day - unlike standard nylon cable ties.

I have no links to the product, btw - just think others (in this 'game') might have a use for something like this?




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