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When loading Lightroom CC2015 (on a PC with Win 7), I'm getting the error message -
An Internal error has occurred: ?:0: attempt to index field 'info.poodle' ( a nil value)

Some online research has found some claiming this is caused by the SmugMug upload plugin. I had it, but uninstalled it. The error persists anyway.

Anyone here have any intel on this issue?


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    For the last several days I have also been getting the "info.poodle" error when Lightroom starts up. It began after I upgraded the SmugMug plugin to version beta1. From this discussion on the Adobe Lightroom forum, the SmugMug plugin is the suspected source of the error.
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    Please make sure to get the non beta version -- which was accidentally pushed to the Adobe Exchange, it should be version as of this time.
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